Nations League prediction Brazilian journalist - Neymaru on missing farewell to Pele: He pressured PSG to go to parties, so why not do it now?

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Neymar has been criticized for skipping Pele`s funeral.

The PSG striker paid farewell to the three-time world champion while remaining in France.

This caused dissatisfaction with the Brazilian TV presenter Jose Luis Datena, who spoke on the air of the Brasil Urgente program.

If Neymar had put pressure [on PSG], he would have come. If Neymar wanted to be released, he would come.

He could easily put pressure on PSG. He has already pressed the club analyzed by nations league partners several times to leave for parties, so why not press him to say goodbye to Pele?

I believe that Neymar, being a Brazilian football player, was obliged to at least show himself in front of the coffin of Pele and say goodbye. It would be a very good image to restore the image of Brazilian football, given the characters who forget their origins and their own history, " the journalist said.

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