Nations League tip Sterling meditates and watches funny videos on YouTube to prepare for important matches: Good to take your mind off nervousness

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Raheem Sterling told how he prepares for important matches.

One of my favorite game prep apps is YouTube. It`s good to go a little humorous and distract from nervousness.

Closer to the game, I like to use the Headspace [meditation] app, focus on my breathing, and approach the game as focused as possible.

If I score, then I will try to wear the same sneakers and tracksuit for the next game. And if not, they will go back to the closet.

When it comes to really big games, I try to tune in to how I will impact the game. The less I think about the game analyzed by record of nations league and go about my daily business, the better. It helps block out the noise, " said the Chelsea and England winger.
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Blog of Nations League tips