Nations League tips The head of La Liga Tebas against club-states: PSG have a loss of 300 million euros, and salaries are 60% of the entire Ligue 1 fund. This is not football

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The President of La Liga once again criticized PSG.

Well, the next five years will be a difficult struggle. It`s not just about Superleague projects. We also need to convince everyone of the need for economic sustainability so that fans can continue to enjoy football.

There should be no clubs predicted by contact nations league with millions of losses, club-states. . . PSG had a loss of 300 million euros last season, and salaries - 60% of the entire salary fund of Ligue 1. This is not football, said Javier Tebas.

Club-states are usually called teams whose owners are closely associated with the government of individual countries. This is usually called PSG, Manchester City or Newcastle.
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