Nations League tips Yannis poured his anger on the Clippers and repeated to Abdul-Jabar

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Milwaukee achieved a great victory over the Los Angeles Clippers with 105:100 in the biggest derby of last night`s program in the NBA. The basis of the success for the `deer` was again the superstar Yannis Adetokumbo, who unraveled the defense of the Californians with 36 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists.

The Bucks leader is in incredible form, terrorizing any rival defense in his last four games with the Deer team. Yannis became the first player from Karim Abdul-Jabar in 1973 to score at least 35 points in four consecutive games analyzed by world football rankings of the season in the team`s history.

The Greek national started his penalty shootout with 38 points against Sacramento, then scored 37 for Minnesota, followed by 38 against New Orleans and yesterday`s 36 against LA Clippers. Most impressive of all that happened in the match last night was the way Janis brought his team closer to victory - with a spectacular dunk at the end for a 3-point lead at 103:100.

With his recent performance, Adetokumbo is likely to step into the battle for his third consecutive Most Valuable Player award in the regular season. The winger registered an average of 29. 2 points, 11. 8 rebounds and 5. 9 assists, and his team is now third in the Eastern Conference with a balance of 23 wins and 13 losses.

Yannis poured his anger on the Clippers and repeated to Abdul-Jabar Nations League tips - more details and information: Nations League tips

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