Nations League prediction Nadal buried himself and inspired Tsitsipas`s majestic turn in Melbourne

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The 20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal made a 2-0 to 2-3 set turnaround for only the third time in his career, allowing Stefanos Tsitsipas to make a rare and unexpected majestic raid until the semifinals of the Australian Open Open - 6:3, 6:2, 6:7 (4), 4:6, 5:7.

The previous two cases in which Matadora had lost a match after winning the first two sets were in 2005 in the final of the Masters in Miami by Roger Federer and in 2015 by Fabio Fonini in the third round of the US Open. Now Tsitsipas deserves all possible praise for his `repair` against the great Spaniard, but the truth is that the match could have ended within two hours in the tiebreak of the third set.

Nadal won the first two parts convincingly with a total of three breakthroughs and without ever looking threatened in his service games, the difference being his great superiority in easy points after the first kick, and dominance from the baseline. In the third set, Tsitsipas tightened up and at least started to take his service games more convincingly, although again he was not even able to `smell` a breakthrough.

The key moment in the match was the tiebreak of the third set, where Nadal first missed in an uncharacteristic way an elementary smash near the net and lost his advantage in the mini-breakthroughs. Then Matadora sent out another smash (albeit from the baseline), then mistakenly mistaken a forehand into the net, and hit a backhand with the frame of his rocket.

Hardly many tennis players can boast of four gifts from Nadal in a tiebreak in the third set with a lag of 3:6, 2:6, but Tsitsipas was inspired and began to dominate his serve. He significantly cleared his game according record of football forecast and managed to take advantage of more inaccuracies of Rafa to break through for the first time in the match and put him in a decisive fifth set.

Nadal again made three mistakes and broke to zero for 5:6, then reflected two match points, but once again made a ridiculous mistake near the net in front of an empty court - topspin volley, which instead of earning a break ball, gave a third match ball. Tsitsipas took advantage of the backhand winner on the rights and went down in history as the third tennis player with a complete turnaround against the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

In the semifinals, the Greek will face Daniil Medvedev in an unpredictable clash, and the other match is Novak Djokovic - Aslan Karatsev. With the ease with which Nadal had overcome his previous rivals and led 2-0 sets in the quarterfinals, he seemed to be facing his best chance in years to double the Australian Open title and make a serious bid. for the nickname `the greatest in history. `Instead, however, Djokovic has the opportunity to reduce his gap with his big rivals in the number of `helmets` and to intervene even more significantly in this debate.

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