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Two of Juventus` legends, Fabio Capello and Alessandro Del Piero, criticized the team`s performance in the 1-2 loss as a guest of Porto in the Champions League.

Going out on the field without concentration is unacceptable, there was too much frivolity. Rodrigo Bentancourt made a huge mistake in the first half, and in the second half eight players were not careful against three Porto players. This cannot happen, said Capello in the studio of Sky Sport Italy, not sparing his praise to the young stars of Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia (Dortmund), respectively Kylian Mbappe and Erling Holland. They are young and still have a lot to improve. They have a bright future and will be the ones to fight for the Golden Ball. In terms of pure class, Neymar is better, but Holland`s strength and speed are devastating. Compared to Mbappe, Holland knows how to escape the defense and go deep, and is also looking for double passes. In this aspect, it has something more, but Mbappe is technically stronger. Holland always makes the right moves to attack the target, he added.

Chiesa revived Juventus in the end, but Porto is closer to the quarterfinals

Juventus lacked ideas. Federico Chiesa and Deyan Kulushevski went too far back to receive the ball. Alvaro Morata was gone and no one was doing what he was doing. This became clear when he entered the field. We must emphasize that Porto imposed their game, as things immediately went well for them, added Del Piero, who also spoke kindly of Holland. Records need to be improved. Current football allows for more play and more goals. Holland`s numbers are impressive, he added.

Former striker Antonio Cassano has decided to focus his criticism on superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Given that he is a phenomenon and has scored a billion goals, I have always said that he will have a hard time with Andrea Pirlo`s football ideas. He scores every game, it`s true, but he has a hard time with Andrea`s ideas. He`s always been a little selfish, he doesn`t care if others score goals. He is the type of player who lives for hits. He does not live for the game by soccer odds or the good match, but for the goals and at this moment the situation is getting worse. The years go by for everyone, and he has difficulties. Juventus are trying to change their ideas and play different football because of Ronaldo`s qualities, he commented to Christian Vieri`s channel on Twitch.

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