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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said he does not expect the Dutch Merseyside pillar Virgil van Dyke to return to play this season. Van Dyke suffered a serious injury in the city derby on October 17 with Everton, when the goalkeeper of the `caramels` Jordan Pickford with brutal action caused his injury - torn front cruciate ligaments in his right knee.

At today`s press conference before the match analyzed by contact nations league with Brighton at `Anfield` on Wednesday, Klopp was asked if the `four` of Liverpool is included in the updated list of players of the team for the Premier League. The German specialist replied: `Whatever happens, I think we have a place for Virgil in the Champions League list. I think he was on the Premier League roster. Nobody told me I had to change anything. `If we have a place on the Champions League list, Virgil will be on it. ``I don`t know where these things come from at the moment - no one, no doctor has told me that Virgil has a chance to play again this season. I don`t want to say that this is absolutely impossible, but it`s not`It`s likely to happen. It`s not likely. It`s unnecessary to discuss this, ` Klopp said.

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`If we have room, we`ll put them all on the list, even though all the medics tell us there`s no chance. We`ll put them there because fromBut if there is no place, we have to consider how things are and say to ourselves, "the chances are not very high, so we have to make a decision. " But if they are included in the list, it will only be becausewe hope it`s almost a miracle. That`s it, `Klopp explained.

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