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The 20th round of Ligue 1 began with a spectacular match prediction by livescore and live stream of nations league between Montpellier and Monaco, won by the guests with 3:2. `Monegasque` led 3-0 in the middle of the second half, but two goals in five minutes restored the hopes of the hosts. However, there was no turnaround and Monaco is now single in 4th place in the standings. Wissam Ben Yeder scored two goals for Nico Kovac`s team, and before that the result was opened by Kevin Foland. Eli Wahi and Andy Delors signed for Montpellier.

In the 24th minute Ben Yeder shot in the crossbar, but Foland was in the right place and gave Monaco the lead. In the 33rd minute a happy ricochet allowed Ben Yeder to shoot undisturbed from a few meters, but he sent the ball over the door. A little later, the striker retaliated and scored a second goal for the team from the Principality, which completely dominated until the break. In the 61st minute, the guests received a penalty, which Ben Yeder scored. However, this led to relaxation in the ranks of the `Monegasque` and the hosts returned the intrigue. The goals for Montpellier were scored by Ellie in the 64th minute and Delors in the 69th. A quarter of an hour before the end, Andy Delors could even equalize, but Benjamin Lecomte took aMonaco managed to keep the score and recorded a third consecutive victory, and for Montpellier it was the sixth game without a victory. In the next round, Monaco will host Marseille and Montpellier will host champions Paris Saint-Germain.

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