Nations League predictions Ricardo Pereira: Liverpool have not yet won the title

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Liverpool have not yet won the title, warned Leicester City defender Ricardo Pereira. The two teams meet later today and the Foxes can narrow the gap by seven points as much as the Reds led Manchester City last Christmas but remained second.

`You never know what`s going to happen in the English Championship, but it`s true that the ten point difference between the first and second is too much. But they led by seven last year, and City won the title, so still nothingEven with this lead, the match is very important today. We will meet a tough opponent who is the leader in the standings, but we will play at home with our fans behind us. and to win something. Our dream is to play in the Champions League. It`s a very big tournament analyzed by nations league blog and in itplay the biggest teams - all the positive things that keep our work intensity, `Pereira said.

Regarding the leaders at Leicester, he added: `Vardy is a key player for us and one of the best strikers overall. I have had similar players before for teammates, but not as effective as him. He just never gives up. `

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