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Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz made his first public appearance in his native Dominican Republic half a year after he was shot in the back by a hit man in the capital, Santo Domingo. Police concluded that the baseball superstar was the victim of a failed attack because of the wrong identity of the target. Big Papi was greeted with deafening cheers and applause from the thousands of fans who gathered tonight at the capital`s Kiskaya Juan Marichal for the traditional charity match forecast by nations league partners featuring former and current Dominican Major League Baseball stars. On the field were legends such as Hall of Fame members Juan Marichal and Pedro Martinez, as well as acting Major League players such as Robinson Cano of the New York Mets and Juan Soto of the Washington National Champion. `Glory be to God and live the Dominican Republic! ` Said Ortiz to the reverent audience in the stands. `I am happy to be here with my people. `

The star was badly injured on June 9 when an armed man got off a motorcycle and fired at him while he was sitting at a table in a popular bar. Authorities say Sixto`s baseball player David Fernandez, a close friend of Ortiz and a cousin of local drug lord Victor Hugo Gomez, said the real target of the assassination was. According to investigators, Gomez wanted to kill Fernandez because he believed that in 2011, his cousin handed him over to the Dominican police. David Ortiz, who turned 44 in November, underwent a series of life-saving operations in Santo Domingo and then in Boston, where he was transported by a Red Sox plane. Surgeons removed the bile of Big Papi and treated wounds of the liver and intestines after the bullet entered his body through the waist and exited through the stomach without fatally affecting any major organ.

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