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The inconvenient truth about the current division of camps in the NFL shone clearly on Thursday. Minutes after commissioner Roger Goodell used his beloved propaganda lever in Washington Post, claiming that negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement are in an advanced phase of Twitter have come under fire from Richard Sherman.
The stoned San Francisco cornerback wrote: I advise all my colleagues to set aside money and prepare for a strike after the expiration of this agreement. The discussions continue, but to say that we are close to an agreement is a lie. The league continues to use certain media to produce fake news. There are many points where the tension between the two countries is high. Our unity is our strength!
This collective agreement expires after the end of the 2020 season. It was reached after a nearly five-month lockout, during which the League and team owners twisted the players` hands and forced them to make a number of compromises to their detriment. The five-month salary-free period has led to a lot of bankruptcy of the contestants, with the noisier case being with quarterback Vince Young, whose property was sold for outstanding high-interest credit.
In the NFL`s 100-year history, there have been five player strikes:
- In 1968, the strike lasted for 11 days and increased the guaranteed annual wage to $ 9, 000 for new recruits and $ 10, 000 for everyone else;
- the strike lasted four days in 1970 and resulted in the creation of a pension scheme;
- in 1974, the strike was scheduled to last five weeks as long as the pre-season camp, but after 14 days the players returned voluntarily, resulting in the practical disintegration of their union;
- in 1982, the strike was announced after two games of the season and lasted 57 days, resulting in the championship predictions by buy nations league tips being reduced to nine team matches. The result is a crushing success for the players: the team owners agree to pay an additional $ 1, 600, 000, 000 within four years for salaries, including the eight-week payout due;
- in 1987, the strike was re-announced after two games played, but the team owners responded by attracting alternates (b. a. - the story is the basis of the plot of the 2000 movie Replacements with Keanu Reeves in the lead role), andafter three weeks the holders return to the pitch. The long-term effect of this is the creation of a salary cap and the introduction of the current free agent system.

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