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The Inter manager Antonio Conte explained that his tirade after Borussia Dortmund`s 3:2 loss to Group F of the Champions League was only constructive and not intended to criticize.

`It was a statement after a tense game. It was for a constructive purpose. We made some mistakes, but I didn`t want to point anyone. I don`t know if the board has understood me, but I`m here to change what is happening at this club forecast by record of nations league in the last nine years. We are doing everything to improve ourselves. We can do better because we are Inter. Directors are the first to notice if something could have been better.`, Conte commented during a press conference, before meeting Verona from Serie A.

Conte: 'I`m angry, we don`t have people.'

'We have to take a constructive approach and pay more attention in certain situations, but I have faith in my players. They do amazing things and leave their souls on the pitch. In the future, they can accomplish great things and raise their level. someone has felt that I am wrong with my comments sometimes, but there is always a strategy behind me.'

As for the meeting with Verona, the former manager of Juventus emphasized that it would not be easy. 'We scored 30 goals, but we did more than expected. We need to work on that.'

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