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Bayern (Munich) created a bunch of passes when visiting Augsburg and ultimately paid dearly for it. The champions only left with a point after 2:2 in the Bundesliga 8th round meeting, missing the opportunity to lead the way. Munich led by 2:1 and competed to let go, in order for the extra time to come when the hosts surprised them with a 2:2 finish.

Augsburg led in the 1st minute through Marco Richter, but then Serge Gnabry played. First, he assisted Robert Lewandowski for 1-1 in the 14th minute, then hit the beam, and in the 49th he made it 2:1. Niko Kovac`s team dominated, but failed to reach the third goal. Thus, in the sequel, reserves John Cordova and Alfred Finbogason made the equalizing hit, realized by the Icelandic.

Seconds before goal 2-2 Thomas Muller missed out of a clean situation. The world champion has again remained out of the title line-up, which happens to him for the sixth consecutive time. Today, Kovacs gave him 10 minutes to the position of Philippe Coutinho.

The mentor had chosen to bet on Serge Gnabri, the Brazilian and Kingsley Coman, behind Robert Lewandowski. Chance as the holder received another of the dissatisfied - Javier Martinez.

Augsburg is in a bad streak with no four round win.

The match via nations league partners started with a goal for the home team in the first minute. Then Marco Richter realized after handing Rani Kedira a header.

Bayern could concede a second goal in the 9th when Niklas Zule was injured and allowed Richter to get in a good position. However, the young footballer shoots out, instead of passing to a teammate who was alone against the goalkeeper.

Zule`s injury was not mild and he was replaced by David Alaba. He made the impression that, in addition to Alabama, in those seconds, Kovac sent two more defenders to warm up.

However, Bayern quickly overcame the shock and in the 14th equalized. Then Gnabri centered on Lewandowski, who was accurate with a 1:1 chapter.

The Munich players were up from the second goal in the 21st when Leva was taken behind the latter in defense of the opponent, but he was unable to control the ball and goalkeeper Tomasz Kubek caught it. The visitors pressed hard, but in the 39th minute the beam deprived Gnabri of a second hit for Bayern. A minute later, Thiago Alcantara fired at a door that was not Kubek but a defender in white cleared. Bayern still reached the turn. Four minutes after the game resumed, Gnabri scored a masterful shot with his left foot after a long shot. He has already played in 9 goals in his last 4 games.

The German national was in a whirlwind and in the 52nd brought Coutinho face to face with Kubek, but the guard parried the shot.

The Augsburg hosts could not cope with the adversary, but in the 55th they were close to equalizing. Then Ruben Vargas got a corridor on the right wing, but he hurried to shoot and missed to threaten Manuel Neuer more seriously.

The champions did not lose the lead in the game, followed by gaps by Gnabri, Coman and Lewandowski.

Opportunities in front of Kubek waited until the 89th minute came. Then Neuer showed that he had not fallen asleep after new strike.

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