Nations league prediction The president of La Liga was frightened by Messi`s recognition

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La Liga President Javier Tebas said he was frightened when he learned of the confession of Lionel Messi, who wanted to leave Barcelona in 2017 because of a lawsuit filed against him by tax authorities in Spain.

We were never afraid that Messi would leave Spain because we didn`t know what he was thinking. However, after this week`s interview, I was scared, but then reassured that he had decided to stay. It was at this difficult time that he decided to continue. I want to thank Messi for choosing to continue playing in our Championship. If he feels bad again, he should have no doubt that we will support him.

I don`t think the taxes were cruel to him, but they weren`t fair to Messi as an individual. Clearly, he did not sign or read everything. They told him where to sign and he did it. I didn`t read all the La Liga contracts, otherwise I would be interested in them all day long. I`m sure it was an administrative problem, not a criminal one.`, Tebas said during last night`s premiere of the Cirque de Soleil show dedicated to the life of the Argentinean.

Blog of Nations League tips