Nations League tipsters The Knicks could buy out Derrick Rose`s contract.

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New York is considering buying out the contract of experienced point guard Derrick Rose (34 years old, 188 cm), the New York Daily News reports, citing a source close to the situation.

After the trade deadline, a large number of point guards entered the free agent market, including Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Patrick Beverley and Reggie Jackson.

When asked if he was happy with his situation, Rose replied: Yes, so what? Do I look unhappy on the bench? If I was unhappy, I wouldn`t be able to hide it.

Milwaukee was previously reported to be interested in acquiring Rose.

The 2010-11 season MVP played 26 games predicted by rankings nations league for the Knicks this season, averaging 5. 8 points, 1. 5 rebounds and 1. 8 assists.

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