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This is the story of the greatest night in my whole life. This is the moment of the Golden Ball ceremony, which I will not forget even to live for 200 years. It has nothing to do with dancing. But it has everything to do with respect. And with Roberto Carlos, Kylian Mabe and Mario Balotelli. In fact, this story began two weeks before the ceremony. With a simple sentence coming from nowhere.

Hell, can you keep a secret?

This was the beginning of a fantastic dream. One of the assistants at the Olympic Lyon headquarters called me to the office after a workout.

Listen, you can not tell anyone

And I said - OK?

But you really will not tell anyone?

I will not tell anyone.

And then he said, `You`ll win the Golden Ball. `

When you hear these words, 7000 moments start to jump into your mind. Because it`s not just the Golden Ball. This is the first Golden Ball to be given to a woman. So it was totally astounding. I started crying. And to laugh. Simultaneously.

He asked me again - You`ll keep a secret, will not you?

And I said - Of course, of course.

Well, the secret lasts about 10 minutes. As soon as I got into the car, I called my mother and my father on FaceTime, and at that time they were visiting my older sister, Andrin, playing for Pari Saint-Germain. They were walking around Paris, and my mother turned the camera to show me some of the boulevards.

Mom, you will not believe!

Then she turned the camera and looked motherly anxious.

What`s up, are you okay?

Mommy, I`ll win the Golden Ball.

Then he began to cry. My father was shaking his head in disbelief. After we finished, I stood quietly in my car, thinking that this could not be true. It`s just a dream.

It took about two weeks. I was asleep at night. Then I trained and forgot about everything. This is the beauty of football, right? Whatever happens in life, you forget all about it when the ball is at your feet. But when I got into my car after a workout, I remembered everything.

You will win the Golden Ball. It can not be true. You`re the girl from the little town in Norway. This must be a dream. My father liked to tell me this tale when I was a kid

When I grew up, we were a real football family - Mom and Dad were coaches, and my sister was a great player. I`m two years younger, so I`ve always been staring at my books. I did not want to have anything to do with it.

Sister I was not just playing with boys. She was the captain of their team. And the coach? Coach was my mother. This is the great part of growing up in a town with 7, 000 inhabitants in the middle of nowhere. The feeling of equality. Nobody said anything about my sister being a captain and my mother`s coach.

There was no boy or girl football. There was just football.

Anyway, someday I stood on the grass and watched my sister crumble, and one of the parents asked me, `Hell, what will you become when you grow up? `

I was absorbed in my reading, so I thought about it for a minute. He tried to help me - Would you be a footballer like your big sister? .

And obviously I looked at him with disgust and I said - No, I will have a real job.

And to this day, my father is having fun sincerely

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