Nations League tipsters Christian Horner: I was very flattered by Ferrari`s invitation, but I was never attracted by any offer from the outside

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner confirmed that he had received an offer from Ferrari to lead the team.

At the same time, according to Horner, over all these years he has received offers from other teams many times, but never considered the possibility of leaving Red Bull.

I was very flattered by Ferrari`s offer. They have a great team and I`m sure Ferrari will be very competitive again.

I`ve been with Red Bull since day one and feel a responsibility to the team. We have a wonderful group of people, I`m glad to work with them. And I have never been tempted by any offer from the outside. I`m loyal to Red Bull - and with such a big team, how could you want to go anywhere else?

We have a stable work environment and atmosphere, everyone knows their role. This seems to me to be a very important factor that has influenced the team`s results predicted by rankings nations league over the years. Most people in leadership positions have been in them for a very long time, " Horner said.

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