Nations League prediction These are the spasms of a corpse. Football Fans` Association about the Super League

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The Football Fans Association does not believe in the launch of the European Super League.

Previously, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are preparing to restart the European Super League. The updated tournament predictions by buy nations league tips format will include from 60 to 80 participating teams, divided into divisions and no permanent members.

It will not happen. The latest plan [they`re proposing] is just a way to remind the world that they still exist.

But this is all just shaking the air. "It`s like a corpse`s spasms, " said FSA chief executive Kevin Miles.

The association later issued a statement.

The newest idea is to hold an open competition instead of a closed club as originally intended, which has led to widespread fan protests. But an open competition for Europe`s top clubs already exists, and that is the Champions League.

They say dialogue with fans and independent fan groups is necessary, but the European Zombie League continues to march on, willfully ignoring the contempt that fans across the continent feel for it, the organization said in a statement.

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