Nations League prediction Zac Brown: Seidl`s departure is due to the opportunity at Audi, not the situation at McLaren

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Zac Brown shared his thoughts on Andreas Seidl`s departure from McLaren.

Andrea Stella became the new team leader, and Seidl took the position of executive director of Sauber (he competes in Formula 1 as Alfa Romeo, and will become the Audi team from 2026).

Brown commented on the view that Seidl`s departure was due to the insufficient speed with which infrastructure was updated due to Covid restrictions.

I don`t think that influenced his decision. [Updates] are very close. He originally notified me of [leaving] in 2026. By the 2026 season, all infrastructure would already be operational.

I guess it`s more about where he came from. When he joined the team, the [Volkswagen] group was considering entering Formula 1, but decided differently. Now they are coming back. He was in this environment when they were looking to enter Formula 1, and now it is happening, and he still lives in Germany.

It`s unlikely that the current situation has affected it. I don`t think it`s McLaren. He himself can tell, however, judging by our conversations, it`s more likely about an opportunity that has arisen. In addition, he wants to become an executive director, and at McLaren this is not an option at the moment. So, it`s probably a matter of chance [at Audi], and not the lack of it at McLaren, " said the executive director of the Woking team.

Brown said that under the management of Stella McLaren will continue to develop:

Undoubtedly. I don`t think we`ll miss anything. Any team must be stronger than an individual. Andrea has a wealth of experience and in many ways is already a team leader. He leads the team during race weekends.

He is highly respected by the racers and is a very practical man with great technical knowledge. So I`m excited. I think Andrea will do great. I don`t think the team will become weaker - it will just be different.

Zac Brown: Seidl`s departure is due to the opportunity at Audi, not the situation at McLaren Nations League prediction - more details and information: Nations League prediction

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