Guardiola: `It is impossible to take another English team!`

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The Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola said he would never run another English team because he feels loved by the team.

The statistics and numbers are nice, but numbers are not passion. That does not give you anything. It is better to say in 10 years that I remember this final from nations league partners and how well we played, to remember the way we did it. Of course, the titles are important and they have helped me to work and continue to work for my passion. But I think all managers are happy with their old players when we can embrace and have good relationships. Everyone loves to be loved, this is the secret of our lives. He will be a mantiser for the rest of my life. I will be a Manchester City fan and I will not be able to train another English team because I feel the love of the people here. When people ask me what I want - to be loved. The most pleasant thing is when you feel good with other people, Guardiola told BBC Radio 5 Live.
The coach also speaks of his mentor in Barcelona, Johan Cruyff. `He helped me to love this game, to love football, and to love him, you have to understand it. He revealed our secrets to us because they were things that no one else could see. The way he sees football is completely different. There was great power in this respect. Captivating, demanding, stressful. He was like a brutal father. It was so strict, so hard you can not imagine. Nothing was easy. There was a time when I could not stay with him anymore, but he was right!`, said the Catalan specialist.
`I believe that mankind goes forward because people do not accept what reality is and try to find new things. If you are not trying to be creative and do not ask why we should do this, and why not otherwise, then humanity no longer exists. This type of people are needed to make mankind much better. Football is nice because whatever works today is not working tomorrow. Sometimes you do something good and you say well, if we continue the same way, it will start bad. When you see the signals and you feel, you have to do something different. All managers take many decisions because of feelings. We have a lot of information about the upcoming opponents. You put it in your brain, but you have to experience the feelings!`, he added.

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